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General Information

What is Miscake?

Miscake is a software lab created by enthusiasts who are bored to see people being forced to use specific software solutions only because of the lack of alternatives, enthusiasts who are bored to see the same mistakes everywhere. People quickly get used to thinking that there is the only one way how things should be. That is why we seek to help people to be more broad-minded by offering our brand-new solutions. We have come to our ideas through our experience, our mistakes and others' mistakes. We want to make things better!

What is Miscake Stores?

Miscake Stores is one of the Miscake lab research projects. It is a service for building online stores with ease. First of all, it is designed for people who do not want to spend their time on IT issues and want to be entirely focused on their business matters. Moreover, users of Miscake Stores do not have to be familiar with programming languages, hosting and mailing servers administrating and other problems. We are open to dialogue, because while we are producing an excellent product on our own, we would like to develop it alongside with YOU, our customers, to make it even better.

Why Miscake Stores is the best choice for you?

Miscake Stores is a very easy way to create your own web store. In order to build an online store you only need basic computer skills. You do not have to worry about hosting and mail services. We also provide you with design templates, so that you will not have to hire web-designer (but you are free to, if you want some exclusive design).

So, hurry up to see our:

What is the main key feature of Miscake Stores?

In order to achieve higher performance we use cutting-edge technology - cloud computing, which is becoming now a trend solution for different businesses. Usually you buy a server (virtual or not) or part of the server resources, but we propose you to buy a service in distributed environment, which means that resources for your business are allocated on demand, i.e. we are a SaaS (software as a service) provider.

What are the main advantages of Miscake Stores?

  • No item amount limitations.
  • No performance slowdown on high load. Our system is able to handle as many requests as needed for your business.
  • Straightforward pricing model: no setup fee, no transaction fees, no hidden fees.
  • Unlimited-time free trial.
  • Multiple stores with single seller account.
  • Full Control over HTML & CSS.
  • Support for multiple languages: it is possible to localize item and category data entirely.
  • Free hosting for product pictures and static files.
  • Optimized for search engines.
  • Easy import and export of products.

Can I use my own domain name with my store?

Sure, go to Seller Control Panel, choose the store and click Manage link, than go to Domain names section, where you can bind your store to one or more domain names and find detailed domain setup instructions.

Which countries and currencies are supported?

Miscake Stores service is available all over the world, but we support only US dollars currency now. Don’t be afraid, we are working on bringing other currencies support right now, stay tuned for updates.

Which languages are supported?

Seller Control Panel is only available in English right now. For your own stores you can add any language you need providing your own translation. And you can translate everything, including products and categories names. Language templates for front-end will be available soon, stay tuned for news.

Getting Started

What should I do to create my own store?

You need to do three clicks step by step:

  1. "Get started now" button on Home page.
  2. "Continue" button on "Sign up" dialog (or alternatively one of "Sign in" links if you want to use existing Google or Yahoo account).
  3. "Create my store" button.

After these easy steps you will get a link to your newly created store. In order to manage your store and add some information you will be offered a Setup Wizard, which is also very straightforward.

What do I need in order to start selling?

There are few steps you need to complete to start accepting orders:

  1. Create a store.
  2. Upload the products.
  3. Select payment engines and gateway API access.
  4. Setup shipping and taxes.

What is the Store Setup Wizard?

Store Setup Wizard is a step-by-step wizard that will help you to complete the initial configuration. You may skip this wizard and specify all the properties by yourself using Seller Control Panel. You can launch Setup Wizard from Seller Control Panel later anytime.

What is the Seller Control Panel?

Seller Control Panel is your main dashboard where you can process orders, manage your stores, inventory and customer accounts. It gives you full control over your stores.

How can I manage my store?

In order to manage your store you can use Store Setup Wizard for easy step-by-step configuration or Seller Control Panel for more flexible detailed approach.

Products Catalog and Storefront

How can I change look and feel?

You should go to Seller Control Panel, find the required store (if you have more than one), click Manage link, go to Look & Feel section, and install a preconfigured template or create your own templates.

How can I add my products?

There are two ways how to add products:

  1. Go to Inventory section, following by Manage link on the Seller Control Panel, where you can create categories or add products one by one.
  2. Go to Import & Export section, following by Manage link on the Seller Control Panel, where you can upload your data file.

Uploaded file should be in comma-separated (CSV) format and must not exceed 10 megabytes (If your file size is more than that, you should split it into several parts). After uploading you will be offered a Template wizard, where you can specify column names of your .csv file, so that Miscake Stores system could understand your file format.

How can I download all my products data?

To export your products click the Manage link on the Seller Control Panel, then use the Download products link in the Import & Export section, request new data file and choose the desired export template. After some time you will be able to download exported products (you can see the export status by clicking on the Download products link).

Search and Analytics

How to enable product search feature?

To enable product search feature you need to rebuild product search index. Don't be afraid - it's easy. Open Seller Control Panel, click Manage link, go to Search & Analytics section and choose Product Search tab.

How can I build sitemaps for my store?

Go to Seller Control Panel, click Manage link, go to Search & Analytics section and choose Sitemaps tab.

Can I track my store visits with Google Analytics?

Miscake Stores allows you to easily configure Google Analytics with your store. Go to Seller Control Panel, click Manage link, go to Search & Analytics section and choose Analytics tab, where you need to enter your Google Analytics Account ID.

Orders and Shipping

How can I process orders?

Click Process orders button on Seller Control Panel. You will see an orders list from all of your stores, which you can filter by store name and date. Clicking on the order allow you to see information about customer and product, commit a transaction, cancel order, change order status or add tracking information.

What if my customers want to place order by phone?

You should click Phone Order button on Seller Control Panel and fill the form, specifying customer's information, products to order, shipping method and rate, sales tax and payment information.

How shipping cost calculation works?

We have two models of calculating shipping costs:

  • UPS/USPS. Miscake Stores is integrated with UPS and USPS online rates & services tools. When working with UPS/USPS the costs depends on products’ weight and customer’s location.
  • Fixed prices. You can specify fixed shipping cost on each product or set shipping cost as some percent from product’s price with minimum and maximum limits. Additionally, you can specify different shipping costs for different regions.

See Shipping profiles of your store (click Manage link on Seller Control Panel).

Payments and Billing

What payment methods can I accept?

We support PayPal and Google checkout payment systems, although it is also possible to pay directly with a credit or a debit card. In case of customer’s direct payment by card funds will be transferred to your PayPal account. We do not support card payments directly to your bank account at the moment. You can also accept Checks or any other "offline" payments.

What is the price for using Miscake Stores service?

You can use our unlimited-time trial without paying anything with 3 SKUs maximum and you won’t be able to bind your own domain name (you can see your storefront during trial with temporary subdomain under To remove these restrictions you have to activate your billing plan.

We offer you paying a fixed monthly fee - $19.00 plus $0.01 per sku, no fee for additional traffic, no setup fee, no transaction fees, no hidden fees.

Go to Billing section on Seller Control Panel and create your own billing plan according to the amount of products you wish to sell. Please note, that amount is not the stock quantity.

How can I pay and how do I get billed?

Currently we accept PayPal payments only. Go to the Billing section on Seller Control Panel and create your billing plan. After confirmation your plan will be changed and the recurring payment profile will be created in PayPal system. You will be automatically charged every month on the same day you created your plan.

Each store has its own billing plan.

How can I change my billing plan?

Changing your billing plan is very easy. You should go to Billing section on Seller Control Panel, where you can see your current plan. Enter the number of products you want to sell in order to calculate your new billing plan, then proceed to paying with PayPal.


How can I get help?

Feel free to eMail your questions to

Do not hesitate to try our Live help (see the link on the top menu of the site) if you want an immediate feedback. The support team is very friendly, they will help you configure your store and answer all your questions.