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Why choose Miscake Stores?
  •  Start for free.

    Sign up for unlimited-time free trial without any risk. Enable billing anytime later without losing your settings.

  •  Straightforward pricing model.

    Create a pricing plan yourself — pay only for what you actually use. You don't have to pay for extra bandwidth. No setup fee. No transaction fees. No any other hidden fees.

  •  No performance slowdown on high load.

    Unlike traditional dedicated servers, our system will not behave slow when many customers visit your site at the same time or while updating a very high amount of products.

  •  Multiple stores with single seller account.

    Process all your orders withing one page.

  •  No item amount limitations!

    Sell as wide product range as you want

  •  High Flexibility.

    Customize every page on your site with ability to override template for each product or category.

  •  Internationalization.

    Add more languages to your site and get customers from all over the World! It is possible to localize item and category data entirely — including titles and descriptions.

  •  Easy setup.

    After three clicks starting from this page you will receive link to your storefront. Once you created a new store you will be prompted to set all its properties with step-by-step wizard. Each group of settins has detailed instructions, just follow them and your store can be live within minutes. You can refuse wizard and set all properties yourself using control panel. You can use wizard anytime later.

  •  One account — many stores.

    Maximum stores count for single account is unlimited. Billing is separate for each store you have. All orders can be processed withing one page.

  •  Easy import and export.

    When uploading products from local file you don't have to deal with predefined templates.
    There is no matter which columns are present in your file and how they are called — you can point their purposes yourself. This assignments will be saved and used when you upload same file next time.

  •  No limits for product amount, bandwidth, storage space, etc.

    Our system is able to handle as many products and customers as you want without performance slowdown. The maximum product amount for each store is set by yourself.

  •  Optimized for Search Engines.

    Miscake Stores gives you easy control of all features important for SEO. It also generates sitemap files for you.

  •  Accept all major payment methods.

    Your customers will be able to pay via PayPal, Google Checkout and Credit Cards.

  •  SSL secured checkout and order processing.

    You don't need to buy and setup an SSL certificate. All pages related to checkout, orders and user profiles are secured with 128-bit encryption.

  •  Guest checkout.

    Registration for customers is possible, but not mandatory. They don't need to create accounts to buy products from your store, but accounts are needed to check orders status. Also they're able to login with Google and Yahoo accounts.

  •  Flexible shipping rates calculation.

    Shipping rates for UPS and USPS services may be calculated by product weight and customer location.
    Also they may be overriden with fixed-price or percent-based values for different regions and shipping methods.

  •  Flexible design templates.

    Choose the design template from our gallery and install it to your store.
    Modify installed template as you want with full control of HTML & CSS.

  •  Free hosting for product pictures and static files.

    Signing up for Miscake Stores also gives you access to our image hosting service, so you can upload product pictures and other files, such as site logo or styles, scripts and pictures for custom design templates.

The monthly payment amount consists of two components: the base price and an additional price of a product. Your total monthly payment depends on how much products you have and is calculated by this formula: base price + price of a product multiplied by the number of products in the store.
  • Normally our base price is $29 per store. But we have a promotion right now and it is decreased to $19 for all the new customers during first 2 months of their membership.
  • Our price of a product is $0.01 and does not change after 2 months.

To make your life easier, we created a calculator form for you:

How many products are you planning to sell?

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